Vibrant Life Lessons from People of Earth

Alien Dickery AfootPeople of Earth is a sitcom on TBS that just launched its second season. Wyatt Cenac (The Daily Show) plays Ozzie, a journalist interviewing a group of people who claim to have had alien encounters. He starts out mocking them, but finds repressed memories of his own, and soon becomes a member of the group.

I think I am going to join them.

Alien Encounters

No, I have not been abducted and probed. But something weird is going on in my life right now that I can’t explain in normal terms.

As Ozzie and his new buddy Jerry are piecing together clues of an alien presence on Earth, Ozzie coins a term that’s been stuck in my head all week. I think it will be my new explanation for all of the mysterious forces at play that make life so hard. Ozzie blurted out…

“There is Alien Dickery Afoot”

I know, the language is a bit coarse, but it got past the TBS censors so I’m thinking it’s okay for this blog. Ozzie and Jerry add up the clues, realize what’s going on, and call it out for all to hear.

Alien Dickery. Afoot.

This could explain what’s been happening to me.

We’ll start with afoot. Monday, I woke with a sharp, piercing pain in my foot. Friends suggested it could be gout or plantar fasciitis, but whatever it is, it’s killing me.

I couldn’t get a doctor appointment ’til next week, so in the meantime I’m popping Ibuprofen and hobbling around with a cane.

Worse, it’s gotten into my head, and made everything in my life look and feel bleak. Really freaking bleak.

But Wait, There’s More

Last week I was in a strange souvenir shop in Kissimmee, Florida, looking at alligator heads. Actual alligators, chopped off at the head, their eyes replaced with marbles. Even stranger, I was actually considering buying one, when my phone rang.

It was my therapist (yes, I see one regularly) and I picked up. But it wasn’t my therapist – it was her colleague. Suddenly I knew there was alien dickery afoot. The colleague broke the news. My trusted coach and counselor, the one person who always gave me validation and encouragement, had come down with flu-like symptoms two weeks ago.

Then she died.

It was some sort of bizarre infection that led to renal failure. I’m mourning the loss of her, and the huge help she’s given me the last four years. I’m having a good cry right now.

Who’s Mocking Who?

But it occurs to me that there is some form of dickery afoot. Because this renal failure happened to a very important person in my life.

Named Rena.

Yes, let that sink in. Rena died of Renal Failure.

Tragedy or a New Beginning?

At first I thought it was some cosmic message that her time had come, and now it was time for me to sprout my wings and fly on my own. To the next level. To greater success and happiness. So I won’t be Rena’s Failure.

I’m crying again, knowing that a good woman, who helped me and many other people, was cut down in her prime, while she was still healthy and very productive. If this is a new beginning, why does it feel so bad?

Because that’s not what this is. I now know this for what it really is.

It is Alien Dickery Afoot.

So What Now?

All we People of Earth can do at this point, is band together, forget our differences, and fight off the pending invasion. Laugh and cry at the alien dickery afoot that fills us with encouragement one minute, and despair the next.

That, and follow along on TBS Monday nights to find out what Ozzie and friends will do to save themselves. Have yourself a good laugh.

Meanwhile, I’ll have a good cry. For Rena. She taught me Yiddish and how to go easy on myself. My mentor and cheerleader, Rena saw  my humor as my greatest weapon to fight the battles in my life.

She’d approve of my irreverent tone here, and encourage me to find the humor in all of life’s pain. It’s what I’ll need to do now to get by without her. I’ll cry for a while, then I’ll find a way to laugh.

At those fucking aliens, their dickery, and my foot!

6 thoughts on “Vibrant Life Lessons from People of Earth”

  1. Oye givalt

    Did Rena teach U that one?

    Sorry for U loss

    The intergalactic command has been around for a very long time…. My first encounter back in ’70.

    Is there any merit to the probability that the forces of Light R about to overtake the kabal & the forces of the Dark?

    Will the pending currency RV actually
    Actually happen? Just in case, I’m sitting on some Dong…. U?

    Gout, if in fact U have it, can manifest through eating too much rich food

    Take a hard look at what U ingesting, do U best to lighten U load & pray for best outcome.

    U now back in my daily prayer circle, k

    Lov U, A R

  2. Hi Aram,
    I’m a faithful reader and follower of your “Manic Impressive”. Never assume my lack of comments is a lack of interest. I’m so sorry for your loss. But at least you have great Yiddush memories. If you are looking for a new therapist/counselor/cheerleader, I can recommend the woman I have been seeing for several years.
    Wishing you well,
    Nancy Gire

    1. Thank you Nancy. You show up in my stats as one of my most faithful readers, and I greatly appreciate it.

      I hope you’ll join us this December for the Resolution Invitational – I’m curious to see your progress on your retirement plan…

  3. I was just looking for blogs and forums about People Of Earth and I stumbled upon this one. I just want to say that you have my condolences. Although a therapist isn’t a family member or close personal friend, they are a person that you develop a relationship with. I hope you’re in good health and spirits at this point.

    Best of wishes.

    1. Craig,

      Thanks for commenting. Good to meet another People of Earth fan! I love that show, and as it turns out, I loved my therapist. She was a positive force in my life, and I’m now learning to channel her spirit and teachings on my own…

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