What the Hell is a Manic Impressive™?

Do you ever have genius grade ideas? Like thunderbolts from the sky, with fully formed, vision quality thoughts with completely amazing detailed bursts of insight? Then do you fail to bring them to life?

Do you often start, but not often finish things?

Do you crave variety and loath routine?

Do you have days where you know, absolutely know, that your thoughts are pure gold, like on the level with da Vinci or Mozart or George Carlin?

Then do you follow those up with days where you can’t get out of bed, where you can’t even unload the dishwasher or cook yourself a decent meal and all you can do is sit on the couch and have the TV watch you?

Then you might understand what I’m talking about. Not a medical thing where you swing back and forth from depression to euphoria like Robin Williams and have to fight not to take your own life. But a chronic condition where you know you’re capable of much, much, more, but you just can’t sustain the effort long enough to break through. You have flashes of brilliance then your inertia or bad habits or lack of discipline bring you back down to that place where most people live all day long – just getting by but not launching to the next level…

If any of this sounds familiar, then you, my friend, just might be Manic Impressive™too.

4 thoughts on “What the Hell is a Manic Impressive™?”

  1. Absolutely brilliant diagnosis, dear Aram. Indeed, I suffer from the same syndrome and now that it has a name (even TM) I can start searching for the cure. I suspect I could distill an antidote from your philosophical anecdotes.

  2. Aram,
    Excellent descriptor. I have a number of close friends who struggle with the same dilemma, and you have found an excellent means of describing it.

    1. Thanks, James. Tell those friends to give me a call, so we can help each other manage our Manic and sharpen our Impressive.

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