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6 thoughts on “Vibrant Life Lessons from People of Earth”

  1. Oye givalt

    Did Rena teach U that one?

    Sorry for U loss

    The intergalactic command has been around for a very long time…. My first encounter back in ’70.

    Is there any merit to the probability that the forces of Light R about to overtake the kabal & the forces of the Dark?

    Will the pending currency RV actually
    Actually happen? Just in case, I’m sitting on some Dong…. U?

    Gout, if in fact U have it, can manifest through eating too much rich food

    Take a hard look at what U ingesting, do U best to lighten U load & pray for best outcome.

    U now back in my daily prayer circle, k

    Lov U, A R

  2. Hi Aram,
    I’m a faithful reader and follower of your “Manic Impressive”. Never assume my lack of comments is a lack of interest. I’m so sorry for your loss. But at least you have great Yiddush memories. If you are looking for a new therapist/counselor/cheerleader, I can recommend the woman I have been seeing for several years.
    Wishing you well,
    Nancy Gire

    1. Thank you Nancy. You show up in my stats as one of my most faithful readers, and I greatly appreciate it.

      I hope you’ll join us this December for the Resolution Invitational – I’m curious to see your progress on your retirement plan…

  3. I was just looking for blogs and forums about People Of Earth and I stumbled upon this one. I just want to say that you have my condolences. Although a therapist isn’t a family member or close personal friend, they are a person that you develop a relationship with. I hope you’re in good health and spirits at this point.

    Best of wishes.

    1. Craig,

      Thanks for commenting. Good to meet another People of Earth fan! I love that show, and as it turns out, I loved my therapist. She was a positive force in my life, and I’m now learning to channel her spirit and teachings on my own…

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