Start Planning 2017 Now

Start Planning 2017 Now!No I’m not out of my mind. Yes, like you, I hate that stores display Halloween gear in September, Thanksgiving stuff before Halloween, and Christmas crap before Thanksgiving. Hate it. But I’m not trying to rush things here, so please hear me out. Before you start heading headlong into that final dash towards the holidays, it is time to start planning 2017 now.

You know how it goes. Your best intentions end in a flurry of last-minute impulse buying, sappy holiday movies, and binge-eating sugary baked goods. That’s all okay.

You deserve all that. A nice celebration with family and friends and a break from work. But to get the New Year started like a sprinter out the gate, you need to do your planning and goal setting now.

The next three weeks will be hectic, but it’s important to schedule time to slow down and review the past year. What went well. What you accomplished. What you struggled through. What you learned.

This is a crucial process to your success next year. So we’re going to start now by giving 2016 it’s due.

The Process

Please do this right now – get out a pad of paper or a clean document and pull up your goals from last January. How’d you do? There’s still some time to cross some things off your list, so don’t stress yet. Take a moment to realistically assess where you’re at right now, and see if a late surge can help you in any of your areas.

If you’re like me, you probably had some goals around fitness, finance, career, your home and your family. Take a quick preliminary tally. See if you can focus your last bit of discretionary time on the most important projects you started.

Then let’s look at your struggles. What life challenges did you face this year? Any health issues you had to fight or relationship troubles you had to survive? Take a few minutes to give yourself credit for all the battles you had to fight, and give your inner warrior a well-deserved pat on the back.

The Vision

Now, let’s think about next year. We’re going to start planning 2017 now. 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days to better your life. What would you be excited to accomplish? What niggling self-doubt would you like to erase? What flaws or problems would you like to address?

Don’t worry about what’s possible just yet. We’ll do that in the next part. For now, just visualize where you could be next year at this time if you just had some courage, good luck, and the right kind of support to see you through the tough parts.

Aim  high. This is the time for outrageous possibility. Notice the first fledgling desires that pop up. Don’t question, just feel it. Then see it. See yourself, in your mind’s eye, standing atop that platform in the winner’s circle. See your new body, your clean and organized home, your new job or business, with you excited and engaged to be there.

The Partnership

Then join me and some fellow Manic Impressives on December 31st, for the Second Annual Resolution Invitational. I’ll be hosting it again in my home, and you’re all invited. If you can’t get here, we’ll do it online for you. You don’t need to have anything figured out. You just need to want to be more than you are right now.

But when we’re done, you’ll have a clear picture of what you want, a plan to ensure you get it, and people shoulder to shoulder with you all year-long making sure you make it.

Start Planning 2017 Now

Join us December 31st for the Second Annual Resolution Invitational. Just do it. Let me know in the Comments section if you’re in. Decide now to start planning  now, and 2017 can be your best year ever.

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  1. Thanks Aram,
    I will take a few minutes and write down key goals that will make a difference in my life when I accomplish them.
    See you around.

  2. I wish I could be at work strategic planning session in person, but I am hopeful to join electronically to trailblaze 2017.

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