Time To Forget Politics And Find Your Magnificent Obsession

Magnificent ObsessionIt’s over. The longest and nastiest presidential election in American history. We’ve all been in a state of anxiety caused by our unhealthy obsession with Trump vs Clinton. But now you know who your next president will be, which party will  control the Senate, and that it’s legal to smoke pot in California. So it’s time for you to stop obsessing over politics and develop a Magnificent Obsession.

What is a Magnificent Obsession?

Google the phrase Magnificent Obsession and you’ll find a bunch of Jesus quotes, a book by Lloyd C. Douglas, a cheesy film made from the book, and some nonsense about waking up everyday at 5 in the morning spouting affirmations.

That’s all great, but I’m not talking about any of that.

I’m talking about an extreme focus on something that’s important to you. Something you’re passionate about that you want to manifest in the world. It’s that thing inside you that wants to leap out and change your life and the world.

You may be afraid or embarrassed to commit to it. But it’s what your deepest, darkest desires say you were put on this earth to do.

It’s time for you to obsess over that thing.

We all get caught up in the tasks of daily life. Parenting our kids, paying the bills, and cowering to our corporate masters. Yet when we don’t calculate the opportunity cost of our status quo, we put our dreams on hold. That needs to end. Now.

Don’t worry, I’m not proposing you do something crazy. I’m not going tell you to follow your heart, sell all your stuff, move into a Tiny House and make your living selling beer can art at craft fairs.

No. I’m proposing something practical and simple. Baby steps. A little action toward something  you were meant to do but haven’t figured out yet. Don’t get all caught up in that part yet. Just close your eyes and let your 10-year old self take over for a moment.

Back In Time…

What was that thing you were going to do that would have made that little kid proud? What fantastic journey were you going to take, what revolution were you going to lead, what crazy scheme were you going to attempt, what windmills were you going to joust?

Think of what you obsessed over when you were young and everything was still possible for you. Just say it out loud to yourself, quietly, so as not to disturb your family. But say it with enough confidence to breathe a little life into it.

That wasn’t so scary, was it? If it was, put your head between your knees and take a few deep breaths. I’m not going to ask you to take any action toward it. Just think about it for a moment.

So what are we going to do?

Now, back in your full adult mode. Write down what came up for you. You’re not going to do anything about this today. But you absolutely need to commit this to paper. Then once a week or so, between now and the end of the year, take this idea out and play with it for a bit. If anything else comes to you, write that down too.

We’ll re-convene after the holidays and I’ll tell you how we are going to go about this. Until then, relax. Let the election be over for a bit. Then start thinking. If you’re still obsessed with politics, then maybe you need a Magnificent Obsession around that. A cause you can fight or a movement you can lead.

Americans  will get back together and push on like we’ve always done. But this time, you’re going to focus on one thing you’re going to attempt next year, and turn it into your Magnificent Obsession.

But if the new regime is still freaking you out, come on out to California, enjoy some recreational marijuana, and know that our country will survive this election like it has every other one for the past 240 years.

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  1. Great post. Thank you for the positive suggestion, Aram… it’s been a real struggle to not give in to all of my negative fears the last few days…

    Down in San Juan Del Sur with Lynn who’s working towards her dream of building/running an Eco Lodge so you’re post resonates big time… 🙂

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