How To Build Confidence With Foundational Wins

Foundational Wins
The Proof of my Foundational Wins

Self confidence is something we all need to compete in the world. One of the best ways to build your confidence is through what I call Foundational Wins. The type of success that lays the foundation for confident feelings throughout your life.

Foundational Wins often come in early school years, when we achieve something in academics, sports or music, and receive accolades from our teachers and peers.

How does this help? Throughout our lives we’re going to face challenges, tough times, tough competition. At these times we need to reach back into our memories and find a time when we were strong. Without this turbo boost of confidence, we’re likely to give in to self-doubt at the worst possible times. When we most need to believe in our abilities. When something’s on the line and we need to perform.

Like in job interviews and auditions. Or when your job interview is an audition.

If you work in training as I do, you often have to audition for a job. I’ve auditioned at least a dozen times, and each time, while I was prepping and just before I went on, I was able to reach back to that reservoir of personal strength that came from Foundational Wins.

My first one came in 4th grade. I was brought up in front of the entire school at an assembly to receive a blue ribbon. My first chess tournament win. Again in 5th grade and 6th grade I stood in front of the entire school and received a blue ribbon. School Chess Champ.

The entire school clapped and cheered for me.

Sure, it was a geeky award. But it was also respect. I was the best. I’d beaten all comers and came out on top. Even the jocks and the cool kids had to admit that in that one little area, I was a badass.

And so are you. Whether you feel it now or not. Somewhere in your past there is proof of this, and it’s important for you to capture the power of your Foundational Wins and use it today.

Let’s mine your life history for your Foundational Wins. Close your eyes for a second. No wait, open them back up. Let me explain your assignment first. Go back in time to a moment when you won something. When you won because you practiced and got good at something. Like a Pinewood Derby or Eagle rank in Scouts. Or a prize from the county fair, 4-H, a sports tournament, a debate, winning a part in a play, or first chair in the flute section of your school band.

Now close your eyes and go back in time to find your win.

Spend time feeling that feeling again. The power of a Foundational Win comes from how it makes you feel, not how it looks on your resume. The feeling you get from winning is something you can carry forward and use whenever you need strength. So relive those moments and hear your name being called, hear the applause and feel that feeling. Whenever you need confidence. Whenever life is tough and you need to compete.

It’s important to compete when we’re young, so we have the proof we need as adults that we can measure up. That we can excel. That we deserve to win. But it’s never too late. You can collect a Foundational Win at any point in your life and use it as fuel.

So encourage your kids. Find opportunities where they can polish their talent and compete against others. A trophy they earn can do more for their future than anything you can buy them. One Foundational Win can provide a lifetime of confidence.

Now let us hear about your Foundational Wins. Go ahead, post it in the Comment section below. Let us help you feel strong….

7 thoughts on “How To Build Confidence With Foundational Wins”

  1. The feelings surrounding success propel us to continue to want more [success], regardless of age. It is like a good drug. Thanks for sharing your memories of success. They helped me remember a couple of my own, and my ‘happy place’.

  2. Aram, you’re next foundational win may/will come from when I read this to middle or high school classes of young adults to back up my talks about self confidence, self esteem, self awareness, self acknowledgement.

    Great time to be an elder still in training!

    1. I hope you’re planning to video your talk Michael. Great way to promote your speaking! Love to hear what you do with this…

  3. Aram,

    Beyond building confidence these wins can bring rewards down the road. As an Eagle Scout I would always scan the desk/walls of a prospective employer for evidence of Boy Scout involvement…with at least one job offer I can attribute to that connection.

    So if Aram, if you were to walk into an interview where the potential employer has a nice chess set displayed your odds just went up as you work your award into the conversation and bond with the person.

    Continuing thanks,

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