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2 thoughts on “5 Strong Manic Impressives You Should Know And Love”

  1. Nice piece Aram, as all of them are tho I don’t take them all in. This speaks to me strongly as I find myself often inspired as a sub w/ young adults 6th grade to 12th in the mtn community of San Lorenzo Valley and Scotts Valley.

    Leading By Example
    All five of these fictional characters were strong leaders, and constantly put themselves in the spotlight when it mattered most. They sacrificed their own comfort to make life better for others, and took advantage of every opportunity to seek justice and punch lines.

    If all of us can just channel their energy, bravado and humor in our daily lives, the world would be a much happier and funnier place.

    This aspect of my life has given me the venue for living the purpose I articulated when I did the Legacy Discovery Weekend years ago, and now am a trainer/leader of the event. It’s great that I’m peaking in my elder training at 69.

  2. Aram, I really enjoyed this and learned something about each character you presented.

    Interesting that each character has s tragic flaw. I guess they are fictional, and it seems we emanate that which we adore.

    The truth behind each persona makes the character more real, more believable. And, as we all know, truth is stranger than fiction.
    There it is.. ba, bum, ching. 😉

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