Undeniable Proof That Everything’s Going To Be Okay

With all the political upheaval, economic chaos and mass shootings going on, it’s hard to have a positive outlook on the world. But trust me, everything’s going to be okay. IDisneyland Parking 1 have irrefutable proof that the humanity in this world will save us from the constant disaster you see on cable news.

My proof is this receipt, from Disneyland, the Happiest Place On Earth. Driving into the parking lot the second day of our visit, I was feeling beat down. Like many parents heading into the park, I was bleeding cash. Over $1500 for a two-day visit.

Approaching the parking lot cashier, my Manic Impressive tendencies took over to salvage some economic dignity. I cut the young woman off before she could quote me a price by saying,       “Oh, it’s okay, we’re not parking.” Confused as to why I was heading into the parking lot not to park, she shot me a quizzical look. I continued. “We’re just going into the park for a while, gonna go on some rides, have some lunch, get a few souvenirs and we’ll be on our way. So we’re not parking.”

The quizzical look turned sly, and she said, “Oh, well since you’re not parking, then I guess I shouldn’t charge you anything.” And in that moment, an employee of the Most Capitalistic Place On Earth risked the wrath of Michael Eisner and played along. She rung up $00.00 on the cash register and wished us a great day.

I was pretty damned thrilled. After I didn’t park the car, we enjoyed the park and I stopped sweating the dollars. Sure, she only saved me $12, but it was, to me, a significant omen.

Why did she cut me slack? Here’s my theory: No one ever tried that before. Thousands of cash-bleeding moms and dads had driven up to her and just paid. I took a shot. Maybe others had tried too, but my attempt was novel. Audacious. Maybe even charming. My chutzpah and humor were rewarded.

So here’s the takeaway: You can still ask for things and sometimes get them. Even as Great Britain is crashing our 401K accounts by leaving the European Union, there is hope. Though Congress has no answer to the escalating occurrence of mass shootings, there is hope. Because if we’re doomed and the apocalypse is upon us, would I have gotten free parking at Disneyland?

Hell no, they would have charged me triple.

So ignore the news and let your imagination run wild with the positive possibilities. There are lots of great things happening in this world and miracles are still possible.

Ask for what you want and turn on the charm. Don’t listen to that steady voice that tells you that’s not how the world works. Listen to that Manic Impressive voice that wonders what would happen if you tried a little razzle dazzle. Add an eyebrow lift and a wry smile. Give them a reason to make your day.

Then turn off your cable news feed and tell everyone you know to do the same.



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