Excuses, Excuses…

Yeah, I kBack In The Hospitalnow. I haven’t posted since Halloween. But as you can see, I’ve got a good excuse.  A dozen,  actually .  Three Xrays, two Ultrasounds, two MRIs, a kidney stone, three shots of Lidocaine and a big one of Cortisone.

My resilience was sorely tested during all of this, and I was starting to feel rather defeated.

But the meds kicked in, the prognosis is good, my out of pocket maximums have been reached, and the New Year is upon us.

Let’s just hope this is the last hospital bed selfie for a long, long time.

3 thoughts on “Excuses, Excuses…”

  1. Back to the world of the living… or out of the hospital bed at least! Great Halloween costume, by the way. The world of music lovers is happy to have you back.

  2. I love reading your posts Aram. I find it impressive and inspirational that you can have such a great attitude with such a health challenge.

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