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6 thoughts on “Are You Blind To The Big Picture?”

  1. Ah, “shouldy thinking” and “shoulding all over myself” leads to a common trap in my life. Also known as “musterbation,” I find it a great way to self-sabotage.

    Ironically I have all the pictures set aside for my vision boards, the boards with which to adhere them to, and yet haven’t assembled them. The trap for me is that it’s yet another project on a long anxiety producing list of to-dos.

    Ever look at your house after a big party and be paralyzed with being so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start? Every day my friend, that’s me every day.

    1. Ouch! You’ve got a good dose of the Manics, my friend. You’d better join us for the 3rd Annual Resolution Invitational and bring your vision board parts. We’ll make sure you get it assembled before January 1st…

  2. Ummmm… the low on the other side of a conference, or two conferences in your case. The push, the pull… the yin and yang. It’s the balance of life. Difficult it is to be in the conference life, then readjust to normal life. Because let’s face it, nothing is normal at a conference: the people, the food, the interactions–it’s all different. The adjustment to reality with newly found skills and desires nearly requires a low as refocusing takes place. I bet there’s another post from this experience. Best wishes.

  3. It is interesting to notice that (1) that which you desire when you desire is that which Aristotle, so long ago, and his successors have identified as the goal, end, or final cause of that which is to be done, (2) the push, or, better, the action we take is that which he and they identified as, well, precisely, the action to be taken, and (3) the things that are in the “line of sight” are what he and they identified as the means to the end.

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