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5 thoughts on “Are Your Goals Going To Kill You?”

  1. Wow, I am so glad you did NOT put a picture of her on this post. There is something about her quest that really shows how insane this culture has become. That there are so many people actually “feeding off of her” quest to weigh 1000 pounds is sad. What a perfect way to illustrate SMART goals. Thank you Aram. This is a super helpful article.

  2. Good post, Aram! I’m in the middle of setting a big goal that could reap many personal growth / impact benefits down the road (no guarantees, of course) but will separate me from friends, family, familiar life for many months… doesn’t quite fit into your “all ways” mantra which makes it very challenging but imj still worth considering… thoughts?

    1. David, your big goal is worthy, no doubt. The separation is the cost, but you can still be connected to your family and friends through other means. If the upside is worth the cost, by all means, charge into the fray and fight for your future self.

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