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4 thoughts on “3 Skinny Gems To Help You Achieve Your Goals”

  1. I am in Denver now on a work trip. I am presenting classes on the magical world of tea-how to kick the sugar habit. I was a bit pressed for time and I asked my wife to help me pack . She was quite busy but dry helpfully got me all packed. I was down to the wire to catch my plane and I made a fuss about her telling me I should wear a fresh pair of socks each day so that they don’t get a hole worn in them. This turned into a big drama that did not need to be. Big self sabotage on my part. I could have simply planned better and given myself more time so I wasn’t so stressed out trying to get everything together at the last minute. I mostly could have been more aware and simply listen to what she had to say thanked her for helping me pack and have gotten off without any outside of my own making . Dara is my story of woe. I have already transformed it and found the gift.

  2. Illusions is one of my all time favorites. I’ve gifted copies countless times… and always seek out copies (future gifts) in used book stores. This might be a sign that it’s time for me to give it a read again– along with these others.

    Thanks for sharing some more of your juju : )

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